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Ontario Health (East) Central East Region Intra-COVID Hybrid Adult Day Program Model Guidelines

The CE Intra-COVID Hybrid ADP Model Guidelines were developed utilizing a co-design methodology. These Guidelines have been informed by evidence, and the input and collective wisdom of over 50 representatives from the 17 Adult Day Program providers in the Ontario Health (East), Central East Region, and the Seniors Care Network staff. The goal of the guidelines is to facilitate the provision of consistent, high-quality, client-centred programs and services during the pandemic.

Keep Everyone Safe – Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

Our health system is facing unprecedented pressures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data regarding the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines continues to evolve. However, all approved vaccines lower one’s risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19. Therefore, Seniors Care Network has developed this document with some information and a list of resources.

Prioritizing the Psychological Well-being of Staff Working in Specialized Geriatric Services

COVID-19 continues to have a considerable impact on the psychological well-being of health care workers.  Therefore, Seniors Care Network has developed this document with some information and a list of resources.

American Geriatric Society (AGS) Cognitive Screening Toolkit

The AGS Cognitive Screening Toolkit provides information about and links to free, open access cognitive screening tests that are recommended by the USPSTF. The toolkit can serve as a resource for clinicians to better understand cognitive screening tools, which have been validated in primary care settings and are available for free. This toolkit can help in selecting the appropriate cognitive screening tool to use with primary care patients.

(Please note that users must sign into the website in order to access the toolkit, but access is free for all users.)

Molnar, F., Benjamin, S., Hawkins, S.A., Briscoe, M., & Ehsan, S. (2020). One Size Does Not Fit All: Choosing Practical Cognitive Screening Tools for Your Practice. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. Doi:10.1111/jgs.16713

Citizen Engagement Strategic Framework

An Evaluation Framework for Specialized Geriatric Services

Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Ontario

The Value of Functional History (Presentation)