Research Affiliates

Research Affiliates are external researchers who are partnering with Seniors Care Network on collaborative research projects that contribute to our current strategic directions. Research Affiliates are employed and/or hold appointments at other institutions, and are not considered employees or contractors of Seniors Care Network.

Research Affiliates are usually granted affiliated status with Seniors Care Network for the duration of a specified project related to frailty, seniors, community-based health services, and other related areas. These projects may include graduate theses/dissertations where our team provides input as a committee member or knowledge user, or large-scale team projects where our team acts as co-investigators or a partner organization.

Current Research Affiliates:

Sarah Carbone, PhD Student, Institute of Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation, University of Toronto; Canadian Frailty Network

Molly Gallibois, MSc Student, University of New Brunswick; Canadian Frailty Network

Julie Reid, Postdoctoral Fellow, McMaster University; Canadian Frailty Network

Julia Shaw, MSc Student, University of Ottawa; Canadian Frailty Network

Project Title: Caregiver perspectives of the unintended consequences of the COVID-19 institutional visitation restrictions

Laura I.L. Poulin, PhD Cand., Trent University

Project Title: Transitional Care of Rural Older Adults: Understanding Older Adult Health Construction and the Influence of Multidimensional Contexts on the Transitional Care of Older Adults in Rural Communities

PhD Supervisor: Dr. Mark Skinner (Trent University)

PhD Committee: Dr. Mark Skinner, Dr. Mary Fox, and Dr. Donna Patrick

Laura Poulin is a PhD Candidate at Trent University interested in the dynamic interplay between older adults, health and rural communities. The main focus of her research is the transitional care of rural older adults. Laura has an extensive background in health care working with older adults in rural communities and started her career as a Social Worker and a Recreation Therapist in Long-Term Care. After receiving her Masters in Health Administration, she conducted project management in senior’s residential care in the private sector. More recently, Laura worked in acute care consulting on older adults with complex needs. It is through this extensive experience that Laura is inspired to leverage research to improve the care of older adults in rural communities.

Former Research Affiliates: