Primary Care Collaborative Memory Services

To enhance the management of dementia, Primary Care Collaborative Memory Services have been established in Scarborough and Durham Region, through the support of the Central East LHIN and in collaboration with the Alzheimer Society of Durham Region and Seniors Care Network.

Primary Care Collaborative Memory Services (PCCMS) are a mobile team consisting of Social Workers, Behavioural Support Ontario Nurses and Occupational Therapists working collaboratively with primary care physicians in their memory clinic locations. The team works together to provide assessments, early diagnosis, treatment and clinical management for people with memory concerns. PCCMS collaborates with the patient’s family physician to ensure he/she maintains the central role in their patient’s care.   The PCCMS mobile team, which follows the model created by Dr. Linda Lee, a Kitchener physician, is based out of the Alzheimer Society of Durham Region.

The teams assist with dementia care while efficiently integrating specialist and community resources, such as the Alzheimer Society’s First Link ® program. The goals of the PCCMS team are to support cognitive health and quality of life for adults and seniors living in the community while ensuring the patient’s family physician maintains a central role in their patient’s care.

Who should be referred for a PCCMS assessment?

Adults or older adults, not previously assessed by another memory clinic or service, who are experiencing symptoms of memory loss that may or may not be affecting daily functions may be referred.

Please note: If any person with memory concerns has already been assessed by a Geriatric Assessment and Intervention Network (GAIN) Team, Ontario Shores Memory Clinic, and/or a geriatrician for any related concerns, it is recommended, for continuity of care, they return for follow-up to the service or clinic in which they were originally assessed. A frail senior with multiple health concerns compromising safety and independence, experiencing mental health challenges and/or presenting with atypical forms of dementia may benefit from a GAIN referral. For more information about GAIN, please click here

Referrals for PCCMS are accepted from:

  • Primary care providers
  • Local GAIN teams

For more information regarding the PCCMS team, please call 905-576-2567 x 5003. 

Or download the referral form (below) to a Primary Care Collaborative Memory Clinic at one of the following locations:

  • Clarington (accepting referrals from the Clarington FHO, outside referrals will be seen at Scarborough)
  • Courtice (accepting referrals from the Oshawa Clinic FHO, outside referrals will be seen at Scarborough)
  • Scarborough

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