Supporting Ontario Health Teams

Seniors Care Network has been participating in several Ontario Health Team (OHT) consultations across the Central East region, focused on older adults living with frailty. To supportĀ  applicants who have decided to focus on older adult populations living with frailty, we have compiled a toolkit of resources. This toolkit includes senior specific planning information.

Seniors Care Network can support co-design efforts of successful OHT applicants. The services of the Seniors Care Network team, relative to older adults living with frailty, can include:

  • Research, development, design and implementation of clinical standards, models and infrastructure needed to provide optimal care for older people living with complex health concerns (including dementia, frailty, mental health and addictions and multi-morbidity etc.)
  • Quality improvement, indicator development and performance measurement in geriatric care
  • Analysis and evaluation activities relevant to frail senior care systems, programs and services
  • Facilitation and education related to Senior Friendly Care approaches
  • Capacity planning for geriatric clinical services (including dementia care services)
  • Seniors health policy analysis and development

Please check back regularly as our site is updated with new information as it becomes available.


Central East Seniors Specific Planning Information

2018 Central East Dementia Capacity Planning Current State Report

Planning for Health Services for Older Adults Living with Frailty- Provincial SGS Asset Mapping Report

Specialized Geriatric Services in Ontario – Physician Human Resources

Position Statement on The Need for Expert Clinical Geriatric Care in Ontario Health Teams

Program Example – Geriatric Assessment and Intervention Network (GAIN)